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School of Clinical Oncology Final (1).pn
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Hepatobiliary Surgeon - Dr Stephen Chang

Radiation Oncologist - Dr David Tan

Medical Oncologist - Dr Choo Su Pin

Chairperson: Gastroenterologist - Dr Loh Poh Yen 



Pancreatic cancer is a devastating disease and has one of the highest mortality rates amongst major cancers. Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are key components in the management of pancreatic cancer, and an integrated & multidisciplinary approach is therefore necessary to maximize disease control.


In recent years, renewed efforts have been made to improve survival outcomes in this challenging cancer. New drug combinations, better surgical techniques, and more precise radiotherapy have combined to provide new hope in pancreatic cancer patients.


Join us for this multi-disciplinary webinar as we cover the latest updates in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Expert perspectives from a hepatobiliary surgeon, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist will be presented in succinct 15 minute talks, followed by a time of interactive Q&A with the panel.

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