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School of Clinical Oncology Final (1).pn

Dr Jonathan Teh

Dr Wong Ted Min

A review of the evidence of what treatment works, with special focus on hyperbaric oxygen therapy. While it is widely recognized that radiation therapy can cure cancer, observation of the late side effects from past treatments have led to concerns by oncology professionals and their patients about the impact on quality of life in long term survivors. Rapid advances in radiation techniques and technologies have been successful in limiting exposure of healthy tissues to radiation, with documented improvements in side effect profiles.


However, a small proportion of patients do sustain late long term radiation injury, perhaps due to yet determined genetic vulnerabilities, or advanced tumors that make normal tissue avoidance difficult. Some of these injuries include osteoradionecrosis, radiation proctitis/cystitis or radiation fibrosis. This talk aims to review the evidence of what works and what doesn't in prevention and treatment of these conditions, so that cancer patients may not just survive, but thrive.


There will be a sharing on the clinical experience of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of various late radiation side effects.

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