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School of Clinical Oncology

The School of Clinical Oncology proudly presents


"ASTRO 2023 Highlights: 3 Trials with Potential for Immediate Clinical Application" 

Practice changing studies are not as common as we think. Fresh from this year's ASTRO are PACE-B, FASTRACK II and FORMULA-509, catchy names which conjure images of a certain race.

Through our now familiar annual routine of good food, wine, and festive cheer, we will have short presentations and discussions on these studies and their clinical implementation. We will also have an opportunity to hear about the latest technologies available in the market to potentially help us deliver our treatments better !

Stay till the end for our signature fraternity "Yum Seng" toast and phototaking. Don't miss this chance to come together as the year edges to a close, as we celebrate Christmas, our collective successes, and most importantly, our friendships.

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